Praise The Lord

The Book of Psalms

Psalm 150 – Praise the Lord   

Mosaic Rockford – Dave Spooner – March 17th, 2019


  • This morning is the last message in our series, and we will be hearing from psalm 150 which is the last psalm in the book of Psalms.  As I have referenced in this series many times, the psalms move from promise to praise.  The opening of Psalm 1 is “blessed in the man” and ends with “let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”.  Each one of us is in our faith journey is traveling the same path of promise to praise.  We each experience many highs and lows along the way as we keep our eyes on Jesus and as God conforms us into the image of His Son until we see Him face to face and are welcomed home.
  • The psalms end with a call and a command to praise the Lord.  As we continue on our journey of life, we recognize that giving praise to God because of who He is and what He does is the right and proper thing for us to do.  For He is great, and He is lasting, everything there is, is because of Him.  Everything we have is because of Him. And everything in us of value is because of Him.  Living with this knowledge will give you joy, satisfaction and peace and will create in us praise to the one and only true God. 
  • This psalm can be broken up into 5 different sections, all within the theme of praise with the desired result of this psalm being that we would live as people of praise.  It talks about the focus, place, reasons, method and scope of praise.  So, let’s dive in.

The focus of our praise

Ps 150:1a ESV
Praise the Lord!

  • First, we need to understand what praise is.  Praise is expressing admiration, approval, merit, exaltation, applause, thanks, honor, awe and wonder.  It is to value, to prize, to boast in, to rave about, to celebrate someone or something.   It is the way of expressing ourselves about something or someone of greatness.  Praise is recognizing something for what it is.  Praise is powerful and profound.  It is the right and healthy response to recognition of something outstanding.  It brings joy and wonder to our souls. And it creates in us a desire to be connected to the person or thing of our praise. 
  • There are many things that are praiseworthy, from an accomplishment, to beauty, to insight, to design, to skill and so forth.  The scriptures commend us to give praise to the Lord.  That He is the one who is most worthy of our praise, and He is the one that has the highest value and should be praised above all things.  We are to praise the Lord!

The places of our praise

Ps 150:1b ESV
Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens!

  • God is to be praised in two specific places, in His sanctuary, the place that is specifically designated to praise Him, and in His world that He has created. 
  • The first priority to come together as a church is to give praise and honor to God.  “Praise God in His sanctuary”.  He is to be the focal point of our service, He is the one who is to be praised when we come together.  We should have this as a primary motivation when we come to church.  More than the location or the architecture, more than the art or the decor, more than the music or the mission, more than the minister or the message, more than the people or place.  God is to be praised more than all these things, He should be the focus of our attention, and He should be praised in His sanctuary. 
  • This should be the true motivation of our hearts to come to church, more than obligation, or tradition, more than giving anything or receiving anything, more than connection or community, we should desire to come to the house of the Lord to give praise to God.  This is the main reason why we come together.  And our desire increases for this when we see what God does and know who He is.  He is to be praised in the sanctuary.
  • He is also to be praised “in His mighty heavens”.  This includes every place that He has created.  There is a specific place He should be praised: “His sanctuary” and a general place: “In His mighty heavens”.  He is to be praised and honored in everyplace that we live and everyplace that we are both in heaven and on earth.  Next is the reason why He should be praised.

The reasons to praise

Ps 150:2 ESV
Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness!

  • He is to be praised for His mighty deeds and His excellent greatness.  He is to be praised for what He does and who He is.  He is to be praised for His acts and His attributes. 
  • Praise Him for His mighty deeds – all the things that He has done – for His creation, for His correction, for His comfort.  Praise Him for how He has the authority to do all these things, how He has the power to do all these things, how He has the knowledge to do all these things.
  • Praise Him according to His excellent greatness – this is who He is.  Praise Him because He is truth, praise Him because He is love, praise Him because He is just, praise Him because he is trustworthy, praise Him because He is good, praise Him because He is wise, praise Him because He is merciful, praise Him because He is perfect, praise Him because of His excellent greatness!
  • My hope and prayer for you is that you will know from experience His mighty deeds, and that you will know from experience His excellent greatness.  And that from knowing these things they will in turn evoke a response from you of great praise to the one true God that is above all things.  And how are we to praise Him?

The methods of praise

Ps 150:3-5 ESV
Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp! 4 Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe!5 Praise him with sounding cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!

  • Announce your praise with trumpets – let everyone pay attention to what you are saying.  Celebrate Him with joy and music, praise Him in the quiet (lute and harp).  Praise Him with rhythm and dancing – use your body to express your heart and your mind.  Praise Him together in planned and practiced praise, praise Him with beautiful music, praise Him so all can hear.  There are all types of ways to praise the Lord, from trumpeting, to quiet, to exuberant, to planned, to building, to loud!  God has given us music and expression as a way to give Him praise!  Music is a gift of God and it moves us and connects us and helps us to express ourselves.  It is to be employed to praise the Lord. 
  • And the praise of God should have no limit.

The scope of praise

Ps 150:6a ESV
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

  • The call is to all people and all creatures everywhere to give praise to the Lord!  We are all invited to give Him praise, because all things that have breath are His, because He has given breath to all things.  All have the privilege of seeing His acts and knowing His attributes and all are called and given the privilege to give Him praise!  This is the reason that we are commanded and commissioned to go into the ends of the earth – the reason is for all to give God praise.  Missions flame – Let worship be the fuel for mission’s flame, let worship be the heart of mission’s aim . . . you should be the praise of every tongue!!


Ps 150:6b ESV
Praise the Lord!

  • The last words of the psalms end with “Praise the Lord” which is the most fitting and best way to end this book of psalms – this is what we are made for – He is most glorified in us, when we are the most satisfied in Him.
  • Ask God to show you His work and show you who He is. 
  • Let praise of God be the leading reason to come to church. 
  • Let your mind and heart be filled with the music of God.
  • Choose to praise Him at all times and in all places.
  • Give yourself to spread His greatness and His praise to the ends of the earth.
  • Spend time in the word of God, take time with the other 140 psalms – read them, understand them, apply them, let them inform and shape how you act and who you are.