Sermons (Page 32)


In this message, we will hear from God as He addresses His people’s actions and tells us what He requires of His people: “To do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”  God’s message through the prophet Micah is both practical and profound.


In a most remarkable way, Jonah’s life and message remind us of the heart of God in giving people time and a second chance.  May God’s heart for us and others turn us to give ourselves fully to Him.


In this message, we will see and learn from the prophet Obadiah how the pride of Edom deceived the Israelites to believe they would get away with their destructive behavior towards other.  This message served as a warning to them and also to us.


The love of God is shown in His strength and compassion.  God’s message through Amos was an announcement of coming judgment to the nations and the people of God because of their evil acts against Him and others.  God’s desire was that people would turn and seek Him so that they would know Him and…


This sermon focuses on a message from the prophet Joel about how God interacts with His people by using temporal circumstances to realign our hearts towards Him and eternal things.  Joel’s message will provide us with understanding into what God is doing in our own lives and the lives of those around us.


This message is the launch of our new series in the Minor Prophets which starts with the book of Hosea.  Hosea’s life was in itself a message to God’s people of a God who is faithful in a covenant relationship to people who were unfaithful.  God’s heart and actions are on display for them and for us…