Sermons (Page 3)

The Wonder and the Word

What is your relationship with the word of God? Is it something that you treasure and cherish or is it something that is forgotten and shelved among other things? In this message, Jesus speaks to us about the “wonder of the word” and if you listen, it will have great effect in you and through you.

The Family of God

The Gospel of Mark – Part 14 The Family of God – Mark 3:31-35 Mosaic Rockford – Dave Spooner – Oct. 6th, 2019 Intro: In the last passage of this chapter, Mark returns to Jesus’ family when they finally arrive from Nazareth to the place Jesus was staying in Capernaum. They had come to “seize” Jesus…

Mistaken Identity

The main purpose of the Gospel of Mark is to tell the good news of Jesus. Each one of us needs to deal with the question of His identity and then respond to that conclusion. This Sunday we will read people’s responses to Him as we wrestle with the question for ourselves.

Under Pressure

All of us feel pressure from the demands and duties of our lives. And at times, they come in fast and furious and pile on us like a ton of bricks. Jesus had these crushing on Him as well. From Him, we will learn what to do when we are “under pressure” as we continue our study in the book of Mark.

Jesus is Lord

God’s commandments were given to us for our good. In this message, we will be instructed by the teachings of Jesus about the heart and purpose of sabbath as we join together to honor God and to do good.