Sermons (Page 2)

John the Baptist

In this message we will be looking at “the rest of the story” from the life of John the Baptist. We will learn some important truths about following God’s calling in the realities of the world we live in so that we will be strong, faithful and courageous in living in the word and will of God.

Responses to Jesus

In this message, we return to our study in the Gospel of Mark picking up where we left off with chapter six. We will take time to review where we have been in the book so far and then move ahead into our passage as we see how people respond to Jesus, both during His time and today. My prayer is that you will put your faith in Christ will be renewed and strengthened as you understand to a greater degree who Jesus is.

Arrival: The Genealogy of Jesus

This message starts our two-part Christmas focus with the genealogy of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew. The genealogies are typically parts of the Bible that we skim over, however in them are fascinating treasures of deep truths that are waiting to be discovered. This message will uncover the 5 women of the family line of Jesus!

Jesus’ Authority Over Demons

Jesus demonstrates His authority over all natural and supernatural forces. In this message we will read about His encounter with a demonized man and how this interaction demonstrates His identity and position as the “son of the most high God.” He is worthy of your trust and allegiance.

Jesus Calms A Storm

Have you ever wondered if Jesus cares about what you are going through? We are prone to ask that question when we are going through hardship and heartache. In this message, we will learn from and about Jesus in His interaction with the disciples as they encounter of a great storm.