Sermons by Jonathon Banister

Warning Concerning Antichrists

Keep the Faith, Part 6, 1 John 2:18-27: The journey of the Christian life is filled with many trials and blessings. In the midst of those who oppose the teachings of Jesus, how do we maintain our confession and abide in Him? In this message, Jesus’ friend, John, addresses these issues and provides practical advice for keeping the faith.

Transformation – The Power of God’s Word

Transformation Series, Part 5: The transforming power of God’s word is essential for continued growth in the Christian faith. In this message we look at the importance of getting the word into our mind, holding fast to his promises, the necessity of the Spirit’s illumination, and the cleansing that results from a word-saturated life.

Luke 6:46-49

Torrential difficulties press in against us and reveal the integrity of the foundation upon which we have built. In this message we examine the importance of acting upon Jesus’ words, building a strong foundation, and leaving a legacy for those who come after us.

Father’s Day Message

On Father’s day, we reflect on the last words of King David to his son Solomon. The call to strength and courage is applicable not only to fathers, but Christians of all time who seek to honor their heavenly Father through love and obedience.

1 Peter 1:6-9

Simon Says – Part 3
How do we maintain joy in the midst of various trials? Jesus’ friend Peter knew firsthand the difficulty of living in a trying time while holding allegiance to God’s Son. In our times, the joy of our salvation is tested by life’s struggles. As we walk together, our faith is refined against the backdrop of everyday life. The goal of this growth is praise and love for Jesus as we await the full completion of our salvation.


In this message, we examine the work of Zephaniah.  His call for change and repentance is in response to the coming Day of the Lord.  The reactions of humility or pride to God’s presence are seen in light of Christ’s return to earth.  This brings the completion of redemption and salvation to the faithful and…