Transformation – Growth through Thankfulness

Transformation Series, Part 8: This message is a challenge for us to move from thanksgiving as an event to giving thanks as a lifestyle. To do so, we must develop a theology of thankfulness, understand the far reaching benefits of thankfulness and become people who are thankful by default.

Transformation: Celebration

Transformation Series, Part 7: We serve a God of glory and goodness. He calls us to know Him, to follow Him and also to rejoice in Him. This messages considers passages in the Bible about rejoicing. God calls us to rejoice, giving us reasons for rejoicing and in so doing, it changes us to be more like Him.

Transformation – Growth through Service

Transformation Series, Part 6: Often the primary obstacle that keeps us from a truly vibrant spiritual life is our pride. And our pride takes on many forms and disguises to mask its existence in our lives as it chokes out the flow of the Spirit. This message identifies the face of pride in our lives and once freed from its influence, allows us to serve others in a loving, life giving way.

Transformation – The Power of God’s Word

Transformation Series, Part 5: The transforming power of God’s word is essential for continued growth in the Christian faith. In this message we look at the importance of getting the word into our mind, holding fast to his promises, the necessity of the Spirit’s illumination, and the cleansing that results from a word-saturated life.

Transformation – Guidance from God

Transformation Series, Part 4: God has been communicating with us from the very beginning and continues to do so throughout all time. This messages considers how He communicates and how we can best “tune in” to what He is saying and apply that knowledge to our everyday word.

Transformation – Curing a Sickness of the Soul

Transformation, Part 2: Hurryitis is a sickness of the soul that has become a modern-day epidemic. This disease restricts the flow of the Spirit within us eventually killing our soul. This message considers how to diagnose the disease by looking at it’s symptoms and then applying the cure so that we can live fully by the Spirit.

Transformation – How God Changes Us

Transformation, Part 1, Introduction: This message is the first in our new series called “Transformation – How God Changes Us”. This series will give you the foundation, training plan and tools you need to grow into all that God has for you to be. You should expect to come to life like never before!