The Gospel of Mark

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage is the foundational relationship of humanity. It was given by God as a good gift to His creation. This message focuses on Mark 10:1-12, which is Jesus’s teaching on God’s original design and desire for marriage, why divorce is allowed, and when one is free to remarry.

It Is Better

In our passage for this week, from Mark 9:42-50, Jesus teaches what is better:
It is better to die than to cause people who are just believing in Him to sin.
It is better to enter the kingdom of God with limitations than to enter hell with full freedom.
It is better that when tested you will prove genuine, rather than false.
It is better to be at peace with each other than to be fighting one another.

Faithful Follow Through

Jesus comes down from the mountain after the experience of the transfiguration to find the remaining disciples in a heated argument with the scribes. Find out what the argument was about, how Jesus handled it and the powerful truth for your life.

You Are the Christ

In this message we are confronted with a question of ultimate importance, “Who do you say that Jesus is?” We will examine the passage where this question is asked directly by Jesus and the temporal and eternal implications of our answer for our lives.

Opening Blind Eyes

This message will look into a strange text where Jesus opens the eyes of one who was blind using a two-stage process. This account is unique to Mark and is not recorded in any other Gospel and it is the only time that Jesus touches a person twice for healing. What is going on here? Is Jesus losing His powers? Come find out this week as look into God’s word for understanding and application.