Heroes of Faith


Heroes of Faith: Esther
Do you want to be more influential with your life? This Sunday, find out how to influence people from the life of Esther.


Heroes of Faith: Elijah
Has life got you down? Does it seem like it’s one problem after another? Are you merely trying to survive? Join us this week as we learn from the life of Elijah just what to do when we get discouraged.

David, part 2

Do you want to know the secret to overcoming temptation and living a holy, healthy life? This Sunday’s sermon on King David will teach you how to identify temptations and threats, and how to overcome them.

How to be an Over-comer

Heroes of Faith: David
Do you have a challenge of gigantic proportions that you’re facing right now? The truth is, we all do! This Sunday, we will learn from the life of David how to be over-comers and watch our giants fall!

How Spiritual Leaders are Made

Heroes of Faith: Moses

When you think of Moses, what comes to mind? Most of us have images of the ten commandments or the parting of the Red Sea and think of him as a spiritual giant. The truth is, he did not start out this way, actually far from it. This message looks at his beginnings and we learn how God makes spiritual leaders, including you.

How to Move Forward in Your Faith

Heroes of Faith: Abraham

Do you feel “stuck” in your life and in your faith? If you do, you are not alone. This has been a problem for us since the very beginning. In this message we learn how to move forward in our life and in our faith, from our next hero – Abraham.

What To Do in a World Gone Mad

Heroes of Faith: Noah

We all love heroes! These are the people that save the day, provide inspiration and give us the courage to act. Our new series will highlight 9 biblical heroes of faith. In this message we are looking to Noah who shows us what to do in a world gone mad … and what we see may not be what you expected.