Sermons on Psalms

The Lord Reigns

Psalm 97 declares “The Lord reigns!” This is a significant statement which leads us to several questions: How does He reign? Why does this matter? How are we to live light of this? These questions will be answered as we explore this psalm.


Have you ever questioned your faith when comparing your life with those who do not follow Christ? Psalm 73 addresses that very issue and offers us the key to fully living out our faith to the very end.

Lord Have Mercy

Sin is a problem for everyone – even for those who have a heart after God. Psalm 51 is the response of David after a major sin event in his life. From this psalm we also see the pattern when we deal with our sin as well.

Hope in Hard Places

There is no Biblical promise that life will be easy, but we are promised that God will be with us in all things, and if we call out to Him, He will respond. In this message we will be looking at the profound truths that Psalm 43 holds for each one of us.

Introduction to the Book of Psalms

The psalms hold some of the most-loved and most-quoted words of all time. Through them, God speaks to us as the psalmists express their minds and hearts to God. In this new series, your mind and heart will be enriched and enlightened as we explore and grow in understanding this book as a whole and mine the truth of selected psalms.