Sermons on John

Our Relationship With the World

Living in the Vine, Part 3: Near the end of His ministry, Jesus spoke plainly about our three primary relationships; our relationship with Him, our relationship with other believers and our relationship with the world. In this lesson, we are focusing on our relationship with the world and what we are to expect.

Our Relationship With Christ

Living in the Vine, Part 1: Relationships – This is what life is really all about, and we want to make sure we get them right. Each of us as Christians have three primary relationships: our relationship with God, our relationship with one another and our relationship with the world around us. As His followers, Jesus told us what each of these relationships must be like in our lives. This week, we will look at the relationship between God and us as we start our new series “living in the vine”.

Our Brokenness, God’s Glory

Our lives are far from perfect. We often feel like our lives are so far off that mark that God could never use us to minister to anyone. However, Jesus takes what little we feel we have to offer and multiplies it for His Glory. This message gives us a fresh perspective on the amazing things God can do with our broken lives if we allow Him.