Sermons on Colossians

Final Instructions

Rooted Part 14: This is the last installment of the ROOTED series; I hope it has been helpful! Paul, guided by the Holy Spirit, gives us his final instruction on the importance of prayer, wisely conducting ourselves with outsiders and connecting deeply in Christian community.

Living Free

Rooted, Part 10: As Christians, we get off course in our faith journey and fall into religious traps that can disqualify and destroy us. This message explains the three most common traps (legalism, mysticism and asceticism) and how to escape them.

Paul’s Profound Prayer

Rooted Series, Part 3: If one of the twelve apostles were to pray for you, what would he pray and how would this prayer impact you? This message looks at Paul, the apostle’s prayer for you and how what he prays will help you to be a person who grows deep and stands tall.