Sermons on 1 Peter

1 Peter 4:7-11

Simon Says 23: In this message we hear Peter’s urgent instruction as to where we are to focus our lives in light of our limited time on this earth that will bring us the most satisfaction and Him the most praise.

1 Peter 3:18-22

Simon Says, Part 21: Jesus Christ set the example for us to follow with His life and in His suffering. This message looks at the life of Christ and the mystery and meaning of what He has done for us and its application for our lives today and in eternity.

1 Peter 3:13-17, part 2

Simon Says, Part 20: Suffering in various forms comes to each one of us during our time on this planet. Jesus himself was one who was familiar with suffering. This message focuses on how God instructs us to respond to suffering to bring us through and bring Him glory.

1 Peter 3:13-17, part 1

Simon Says, Part 19: Everyone faces difficulty and hardships that result in suffering. We may have brought some of the suffering on ourselves while other suffering is brought on by others. In this message we hear about the best defense against suffering and the best response to suffering.