People matter to God – it’s that simple.

We all feel the pressure of modern life; at times it’s exhilarating, but it often leaves us empty.  Today’s world abounds with opportunities to be invisible, anonymous, a number, or another IP address.  Modern marketing succeeds at making us feel viable but not necessarily valuable – definitely valuable enough to be sought out for a relationship.

Yet a relationship is what God desires most.  More than your checkbook, more than your status, more than your success (or lack thereof) YOU matter to God.

That’s our purpose at Mosaic. We exist to help you connect to that pure and perfect relationship God desires to have with you – a personal relationship unlike any other.

How do we do that? We don’t allow formality or religiosity to get in the way.  We focus on core beliefs and the central truths about Jesus Christ.  He gives us two things to help the pieces fit in this sometimes joyous, sometimes difficult life journey:

  • HIS life
  • The lives of fellow believers

The key is a relationship – a relationship with Jesus and with others who, like you, are seeking His answers along this journey.  We all know life doesn’t always fit together perfectly, and each of us at Mosaic has discovered that truth but learned something more.  When life doesn’t go smoothly, the best place to turn is Jesus Christ and the body of believers.

Here at Mosaic our priorities are introducing people to Christ and to each other: to laugh together, cry together, grow together, worship together and serve together.  We believe this builds relationships, builds community and honors Christ.

Mosaic Rockford.  Making a difference.  Together.