Q: Why do you call yourselves Mosaic | Rockford?

That’s an excellent question; we are glad you asked. A mosaic is a piece of art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass. The beauty of a mosaic is enhanced by the unique shapes, colors and textures of the pieces of stone or glass included in the design. It is the variety that adds to the overall beauty of the artwork and makes each piece significant and valuable.

A spiritual mosaic is formed when God, the Master Artist, unites people from many different walks of life and backgrounds to form a work of art (community). It is that great variety of individuals and the special uniqueness of each person that creates a beautiful mosaic. We join the mosaic in our brokenness and find our lives becoming more whole through Christ and in community. Each person is added by God’s divine purpose and for His divine purpose. In light of that, we are a work of art in motion as God calls us first to make a difference together in Rockford and then to the world.

Q: Why does this group feel there is a need for another church?

There are multiple answers to this question. First and foremost is the fact that new churches have the unique ability to reach unsaved people. A relatively small percentage of people in Rockford are connected with a church. Many have yet to be reached. The Lord is looking for those who will mirror His heart for lost people and will reach out to love and serve people in His name. Secondly, each church is uniquely equipped to reach certain kinds of people. As Rick Warren has said, “It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.” Mosaic has a personality all its own. Thirdly, we see that some Christians have become disillusioned with “churchianity” but are hungry for a growing relationship with Christ and deepening bonds with other maturing believers. In Mosaic we are actively learning to live out our faith day by day and welcome all those who would like to share the journey.

Q: Describe the church member you desire to reach.

We are seeking to reach beyond the church member. Our heart’s desire is to reach the lost and impact a world desperately in need of Jesus. Outreach and service in our community is a distinct characteristic of our body. We certainly hope that other like-minded believers will become a part of our fellowship because we will need the strength of mature believers to reach the unsaved and then teach them the ways of Christ. Like-minded believers will be action-oriented in their faith and ready to live out Jesus’ mission. We also hope believers who sincerely want to live as Christ-followers in every day life will be attracted to our body. We also pray that Christians who are currently out of fellowship with a local church would investigate Mosaic.

Q: How do you desire to differentiate yourself from other churches?

We want to be known as an authentic, faith community where people in all stages of their spiritual life will be growing, serving, learning and doing life together. We are not merely satisfied with knowing the Bible; we want to live the Bible. We recognize our own vulnerability toward having a “form of godliness but denying its power” (2 Tim. 3:5a) and will continue challenging one another to receive the power that can bring true transformation in our lives, families and marriages. We will not gauge our success by the number of people who attend our services or the amount of the weekly offering. Instead, our success will be measured by the spiritual fruit we see developing among us. We also want to be known as “friends” of other ministries in our community. By actively partnering with other ministries, we hope to enhance what is already being accomplished for the kingdom in Rockford by being extra manpower.

Q: How long has Mosaic been around?

The church began as a small group Bible study that met in homes around Rockford. More and more people began coming so the church moved to the YWCA just south of Rockford College with the “official” launch in April 2007. Mosaic merged with Gateway Community Church in late 2008 and then moved into Hallstrom Center in March 2009.

If you have a question for Mosaic, feel free to contact us.