Stained Glass Broken Heart

What do you do when your world shatters? When it falls to the ground brought down by the gravity of the depravity of a fallen world either through your own sin or being swept up in the wake of someone else’s mistakes. It is like our lives are a perfect pane of glass suddenly dropped to the ground and shattered. It does not matter what color the glass was, misery is equal opportunity and unfortunately personal damage is really into diversity. It strikes all colors and all walks of life and all you are left with is the shards of life, sharp edged and cutting.

Ever known folks like that? Sharp edged and cutting, the hurt really not dulled by time? You are scared to draw near them because you are afraid of being cut yourself on their bitter outlook on life. Their lives are in shambles and you see no way of putting their pieces back together again and even if you could it would be cracked and damaged, never what it was before.

But how does God see a shattered life?

He sees it as a chance to make all things new if but yielded to Him. It will never be what it was and that is good, which is counter to what we wish to see happen. We want to return to what we were before our world shattered. God wants to make a new world, and it will be in His hands something far more beautiful.

Imagine a master stained glass artist picking through the shards of colored glass carefully, taking them and shaping them further to his purpose. He binds them together covering their sharp edges, using their broken shapes to form a pattern out of the chaos. Over time the pattern grows into a beautiful image that he had in mind from the very beginning, an image he would never have been created unless the glass had been broken into useable pieces. He takes each jagged piece of glass and lovingly places it in just the right place, ready to glow with color and radiance as the Light shines through it. The shards of glass now form a living mosaic of color reflecting the touch of the master’s hand.

God is the master artist and He takes our broken pieces (Psalms 147. 3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds) and binds them together with His love and grace forming a pattern out of our hurt and chaos that we never would see.

There is a real sense that some degree of brokenness is necessary. He really works best with those who come to Him shattered to begin with. “Psalm 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart, These, O God, You will not despise.” This is the artistry of redemption. It is the hope that none of us are too far gone for God and often those who have the most brokenness that are the most useful to God when they yield completely to His hand. He forms a lovely life of ministry out of their hurts and wounds. They are the folks who can actually walk in other’s shoes, know their hurts, feel their pain, minister to their lives. God can shine through them like light through a stained glass window. Out of the shards of chaos He can form beauty and usefulness if we would but yield to the Master’s hand.

by Jeff Turner, 2015